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Restore Tokens – Learn More
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The HughesNet Fair Access Policy is designed to ensure that all HughesNet users can have a great online experience by providing each plan with a Download Allowance and Download Bank. Users who exceed their Bank or Allowance will have their service speeds reduced during the Recovery Zone. After about 24 hours in the Recovery Zone, these download speed restrictions are removed and the Download Allowance is reset. For more information, please refer to our Fair Access Policy.

Sometimes you might want to reset your allowance without waiting for the Recovery Zone to end. For these occasions, we provide easy access to Restore Tokens. Restore Tokens allows you to add your Service Plan’s Download Allowance to your Download Bank.

Each HughesNet subscriber receives one complimentary Restore Token each month on his or her billing date. You can use this free Token any time you exceed your Download Allowance. You can also purchase additional Tokens throughout the month, priced based on your plan’s Download Allowance.

Should the Status Meter turn red and pop up, you have exceeded the Download Bank for your service plan. If you have opted to manually use a Restore Token, you may do so right from the meter or by going to the Restore Token site. Once a token is used, your Service Plan’s Download Allowance is added to your Download Bank and your speeds will return to normal.