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Restore Tokens – FAQs
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What is a Restore Token?
Each HughesNet service plan includes a Download Allowance, designed to ensure that everyone has fair access to system bandwidth during peak periods. A majority of the HughesNet Service Plans have a Download Bank. The Download Bank allows you to “bank” any unused portions of your Download Allowance. You can accumulate up to a two-day supply of your service plan’s Download Allowance. If your usage exceeds your plan’s allowance, your download speed is temporarily reduced for about 24 hours (or longer if you continue to download). By redeeming a Restore Token, your Daily Allowance is immediately reset, returning you to full speed. Your Download Allowance is not changed by purchasing a Token. View our Fair Access Policy to find the Download Allowance for each plan.

What is a Complimentary Restore Token?
Each service plan receives one complimentary Restore Token every month on the billing date. You can redeem this Restore Token any time you exceed your Download Allowance, for free! This complimentary Restore Token ensures that even if you inadvertently exceed your allowance, you can get back up to speed right away.

How many Restore Tokens can I purchase and use?
You may only use one Token at a time. However, you may purchase and "store" Restore Tokens. There is no limit to the number of Restore Tokens you may purchase, store, or use each month. Your unused monthly complimentary Tokens can be saved from month to month for up to a total of 3 complimentary Tokens.

What is the Token Bank?
The Token Bank is a new feature that allows you to "bank" your unused FREE Restore Token and carry it over to the following month — for a total of up to three free tokens in three months. The Token Bank gives you more freedom to control your Internet experience and download large files when you need to.

Does the Token Bank apply to all HughesNet Plans?
The Token Bank applies to all HughesNet plans that currently receive the FREE monthly Restore Token.

With the Token Bank, can I still get more Restore Tokens if I need them?
Yes. If you need to, you can always purchase additional Restore Tokens to instantly reset your service to full speed.

Can I “bank” purchased Restore Tokens in the Token Bank?
No. The Token Bank allows you to carry over the unused complimentary Restore Token you receive each month, for up to three months. If you purchase a bundle of additional Restore Tokens, you can still use your purchased tokens whenever you wish — but they are not part of the Token Bank.

How do I know that I need to use a Restore Token?
By downloading the Status Meter, you’ll be alerted right away if you exceed your allowance and are experiencing reduced download speeds. The Status Meter will provide one-click access to the Restore Tokens site in that case, helping you get back up to speed quickly. Find more information on the HughesNet Status Meter here.

What happens if I don’t use all of my daily Download Allowance?
Great News! Due to some recent improvements in the HughesNet technology, you can now bank unused portions of your daily Download Allowance in the Download Bank. This banking of unused data has the effect of increasing the Download Allowance by the amount of the unused data from the prior 24-hour period. So, if you subscribe to the Basic plan, which has a daily Download Allowance of 250 MB, and you’ve only used 100 MB of data during the previous 24-hour period, your Download Allowance for the next 24-hour period will be 250 MB, plus the unused 150 MB from the previous 24 hours, for a total of 400 MB. The Download Bank will allow you to have the flexibility to download larger files when you really need to, without disrupting your service.

Does the Download Bank apply to all HughesNet Plans?
The Download Bank applies to all the current HughesNet Plans and to the following “legacy” plans: Home, Pro, ProPlus, Elite, ElitePlus, ElitePremium, and BI100 and BI700.

Does unused data in the Download Bank expire?
Today, the Download Allowance is based on a rolling 24-hour period. Subject to the Download Bank caps as listed below, unused data will not expire and will carry over into the Download Bank. The Download Bank can accumulate up to a two-day supply of your service plan’s Download Allowance.


24-Hour Download Allowance

Download Bank


   250 MB

   250 MB x 2 = 500 MB

   Power 150

   350 MB

   350 MB x 2 = 700 MB

   Power 200

   450 MB

   450 MB x 2 = 900 MB

Does data transmitted during the Download Zone count in determining whether I will have any data left for the Download Bank?
No. Any data transmitted during the Download Zone does not count against your daily Download Allowance, so it will not affect how much data you have left for the Download Bank for the next 24-hour period.