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HughesNet Download Manager
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Let the HughesNet Download Manager (HDM) help you make the most out of your time and HughesNet Service. When you select a file to download, the download manager goes to work. If the file is smaller than 10 MB, your browser will manage the download.  If the file is larger than 10 MB, the download manager will open the “New Download” window. 

Choose to download using the HDM Default Schedule to download the file during the Download Zone without impacting your download threshold.

DropBoxYou can also drag any file to the DropBox. HDM will manage those downloads regardless of file size.

Of course, you can always choose Download Now using HDM to download any content you need immediately.  Your download will begin immediately, but be managed by the download manager.

If you want to bypass the HughesNet Download Manager, click Use Browser to Download. The download will now be managed by your browser or browser-based add-on.
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